Because we believe in the power of immersion to allow a full experience of the surrounding world

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Our Services

Mobile Augmented Reality

Developing mobile solutions for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone and featuring augmented reality technology.

Mixed Reality

Designing Mixed Reality Headsets with innovative features and developing 3D content suitable for all needs.

Holograms & 3D Mapping

Take your user experience to the next level with real-sized holograms, 3D projection mapping and environment scanning.

Robotics & Embedded Systems

From two-wheeled robotic platforms to computer vision enabled technologies, we can develop any solution you need.

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About Us

Incept is a tech startup with the goal of making cultural heritage more engaging. In fact, we believe that heritage is a strategic resource that can contribute significantly to the economic and social development of a nation.

Our idea is to use the power of immersion to allow the blending of the digital and physical worlds. By giving a full experience of the surrounding environment, we push users to seek the information instead of just passively receiving it.

This is done by providing technologies and solutions at the cutting edge of augmented reality, virtual reality, projection mapping, holograms and robotics.

Our Team

Sofiane Chaieb

Galactic Admiral

Fahd Slimani

Software Prophet

Salem Gharbi

Grand Master of Circuits

Rami Othmani

Dream Alchemist

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Incept, Incubator, National Engineering School of Sousse, BP264 Sousse Erriadh, 4023, contact@incept.tn